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Store Front » Vinyl's » Wardruna (Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga) Black Vinyl

Wardruna (Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga) Black Vinyl
20.87 EUR 22.49 USD

Wardruna (Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga) Black Vinyl

Wardruna’s mesmerizing first release Runaljod - gap var Ginnunga finally on vinyl via Indie Recordings!

1. Ár var alda
2. Hagall
3. Bjarkan
4. Løyndomsriss
5. Heimta Thurs
6. Thurs
7. Jara
8. Laukr
9. Kauna
10. Algir - Stien klarnar
11. Algir – Tognatale
12. Dagr


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